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How much does shipping cost?

How much does shipping cost?

How long will it take to receive my order?

For orders received before 2pm Monday to Thursday we endeavour to send the same day. If your order is placed after 2pm Monday - Wednesday it will be shipped the following day. If your order is placed after 2pm on Thursday it will be shipped the following Monday. We don't ship orders on Fridays to prevent your order sitting in the Post Office over the weekend. On some occasions your order may be delayed due to a large volume of orders being processed and we will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible about any delays.

How will my order be sent?

We use Australia Post's eParcel service for the shipment of orders. All packs are wrapped in an inner bag to keep your jerky nice and safe.

Note regarding Parcel Lockers

Please note that we do not ship orders to Parcel Lockers. For shipping we require either a full address or a PO Box address.

Note regarding postal addresses

Please ensure at the checkout that your postal address is accurate, including the postcode. This ensures that your order can be shipped quickly and efficiently. Failure to provide a valid address will result in delays and, if the incorrect address is given and the order is shipped, will result in re-delivery fees.

How long will my order take to receive?

Order delivery times depend on your location. Please visit the following page on the Post website to find out your delivery timeframe.


Please note that your order will be sent from CARINGBAH NSW 2229.

What if i'm not home when my order is delivered?

Australia Post's standard procedure is to either leave your order in a secure place (if available) or leave you with a calling card, detailing how you can pickup your order from your local post office. No signature is required on delivery of your order, however you will need to show proof of identity at the post office if you are picking it up later with a calling card.

I need my order in a hurry - what can you do?

Not a problem! Simply contact us on info@jacksjerky.com.au prior to submitting your order and we will arrange to send your order express post for a small fee. This gives you the best chance of receiving your order quickly. Please note that not all locations are within the Express Post network. If your delivery address is outside of the Express Post network you will not get any benefit from opting for express postage. For more information on the Express Post network please visit the following page on the Post website:


I received my order and it was damaged or not what I ordered

If there is anything wrong with your order please email us immediately at info@jacksjerky.com.au and we will work with you to rectify the situation.

I have changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Because we are selling a food product we are unable to provide a refund or exchange if you change your mind.

I want to order a bulk lot of jerky - how about a deal?

Serious about jerky huh? Good stuff! We offer bulk discounts which are automatically applied when you order set amounts. For more information email us at info@jacksjerky.com.au.

How do I pay for my order?

We offer a range of payment solutions for payments including credit card, Afterpay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our site is secured through the use of SSL encryption technology to provide a safeguard for your sensitive payment details.

Will I be charged a credit card fee?

No - We cover all the credit card surcharges.

What's the difference between Jerky and Biltong?

Essentially Jerky and Biltong are the same product, they are just prepared and presented in different ways. Both use lean topside beef and are spiced using similar methods. The main difference is that Jerky (what we sell) is cut into strips and laid flat to dry whilst Biltong is dried as a larger beef steak usually by being hung by hooks in the drying room. Jerky is then cut into shorter stick pieces whilst biltong is sliced into much thinner, flat slices. In terms of consistency, due to the fine slices produced Biltong is much softer than Jerky.

Is your product the same as a "Stokkie Stick"?

Yes, our product could be considered by some as a Stokkie Stick. This term is most commonly a South African term used to describe the sticks of jerky.

What are the nutritional benefits of beef jerky?

In comparison to other snack foods available on the market (e.g. chocolate bars, salty chips, etc.) beef jerky contains a high amount of protein. During the production process we strip as much fat as possible from the meat to make it lean, hence reducing the fat content of the end product. We use as minimal salt-based ingredients as possible to minimise the amount of sodium in the end product.

As with any food product on the market it is important to ensure it fits into your own personal diet and nutritional needs. We recommend consulting your nutritionist or doctor if you are on a specific meal plan to ensure you are fitting jerky into the plan in an effective manner.

For specific nutritional information on our range please consult the nutritional panel provided on each product page

Is your product gluten free?

The simple and safest answer is no. Let us explain what we mean by 'simple and safest'. Ingredients used in the production of our jerky do contain gluten. During the drying process this gluten is 'dried out' of the product which brings the level of gluten below the allergen level. Other manufacturers use this as proof that the product is gluten free, however we don't. The reason? We can't guarantee that every piece of jerky is gluten free. While we can confirm through lab tests that a certain sample from a certain batch is gluten free, this doesn't conclusively prove that every piece is the same. Because allergens vary in severity with a dangerous degree of reactions in certain people we choose to be safe and not declare the product as being gluten free.

Do you ship overseas?

Overseas shipment can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. If you are wanting your order shipped overseas please email us at info@jacksjerky.com.au with your destination address and amount of product required and we will obtain a freight quote. Please note some countries prohibit the importation of beef jerky.

Do you offer free samples?

Unfortunately not as this stage due to the high cost of postage, however we do have a Sample Pack available online which gives you a sample of each of the 9 flavours in 50g packs.